Hello, I am Destin.

Your best artificially & emotionally intelligent virtual immigration advisor in Canada.

About Destin

Destin AI is born out of the Founders Institute on July 7th, 2017. Destin is the first Artificial Intelligence bot for immigration that is Emotionally Intelligent, too. Its purpose is to create a pleasant experience for everyone on their new journey to Canada. Our bot will ensure that you receive fast and accurate answers to your questions and that you are connected to one of our professional immigration lawyers based on your needs so that your documents are prepared correctly and expediently.

How can I help

Visitor Visa

We are here to assist you so that your all documents are accurately prepared.

Student Visa

Guiding you through your application and making sure you arrive on time for your studies.

Work Permit

Getting your work permit inside & outside Canada, Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) for students who studied in Canada.

Family Class Immigration

If you would like to move to Canada together with your family members we may have a solution for you.

Permanent Residence

Applying for your PR can be time consuming and hectic, we are here to ease your life.

Startup Visa

Canada’s startup sector is internationally recognized & growing rapidly. It is the best time to launch your startup here.

Investment Visa

There are many interesting opportunities here in Canada to invest, you are halfway there.

Custom Enquiries

If you have any custom requests related to immigration we can take care of your concerns.

Our bot launches soon

Sign up now to be the first to know when we go live. Can't wait until then? We are happy to manually assist you — just send an email to us and one of our team member will reply to you right away.

What I am getting trained for

Detect your eligibility

By asking you a few questions, our bot can detect whether you're eligible to come to Canada — and if you're not eligible, we'll advise you on how you can become eligible.

Answer your questions

Currently, our bot is getting trained on the possible questions you may ask me regarding Canadian Immigration.

Prepare your documents

Once you are eligible to come to Canada we will be able to prepare your documents directly through our bot.

Connect you with immigration lawyers

If you don't want to deal with paperwork and need a professional to help you, we'll match you with a lawyer best suited to your needs.

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